Cabinets Plus of America
It’s a matter of integrity for John Crescente. He runs his family-owned company with over 20 years of construction, restoration experience. Through his many battles in life, and struggles he has found peace with God and his family. His desire is to make his family proud and live a life that pleases God. His continued education in the field and decades of hands-on experience in construction and knowledge in insurance restoration, John has expanded his skillset to learn how to create custom cabinetry from experts in carpentry and cabinet building. He discovered a passion for taking your custom cabinetry project from a conversation to design masterpiece. Through research, measuring, amazing design ideas he uses tools like Autocad drawing to handcrafted custom cabinetry that will exceeds your expectations in a reasonable amount of time.
By serving all of Central Florida, and offering convenient project financing, John can build any custom type cabinet design, door profile or style, order prefabricated products through recognized name-brand distributors throughout the United States. You will usually see John often onsite throughout the project to confirm the work is up to his highest standard of workmanship and the same quality he would expect in his own home. John communicates regularly with you, the homeowner, and his company is recognized for its follow and amazing organizational cleanliness. A typical job is shipped within 7 business days and installed within 3-7 business days.


Jobs in Progress

John only employs skilled tradesmen and follows a regimented hiring process which ensures your home is maintain with respect. Each job is prepped with plastics zip walls and tape to ensure minimizing dust deposits and overflow of debris throughout your home. In some cases the employees wear bootie socks over their shoes and after the job is complete, your home is left debris-free. When additional work is requested that requires permitting, John works with a licensed contractor to get the job done right.