Bathroom Remodels
Cabinets Plus of America’s experts will design the perfect bathroom design to meet your esthetic and footage needs. Your bathroom should not only provide you a quiet escape from the outside world, but serve as another luxurious space where your personality shines through. Whether you’re deciding to remove or replace a tub or open up your bathroom to accept a walk-in shower, our designers will make sure the aesthetics and functionality work for you. If you have someone with handicap needs, Cabinets Plus of America will work with you to make sure your bathroom meets all safety and ADA requirements, providing ample space so that a single wheelchair is able to freely rotate within the space. Our experienced professionals will lay out your bathroom, install your cabinetry using the design elements you selected, and create a usable, practical space. Choose from a wide variety of materials, tiles, granites, finishes, colors, and styles to create your perfect space and express your unique, personal style.