Laundry Room
Are you frustrated with the level of disorder in your laundry room? Instead of placing your laundry detergent, fabric softener and other laundry room items on top of your dryer, conveniently hide them away in custom-designed supply cabinet that gives you more space and reduces clutter. Utilize your laundry room space to its fullest capacity by adding cabinets, filled with bins and baskets to make sorting your laundry easy. Add a countertop to make folding clothes a breeze. Cabinets Plus of America will transform an often messy, high-trafficked area into another clean, well-organized area that you are no longer embarrassed for a guest or your in-laws to see. If your laundry room also serves as your utility room, a customized supply cabinet can conceal mops, brooms, dustpans and other cleaning supplies for an orderly appearance.